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Archive for March 2016

The Pallet Spread – Trip Six (new, made) Heathsville .

With someone as bendy and pliable as TripSix, I wanted to try something new. While her upper body is bolted firmly to the upright pallet, her legs rest on iron poles. Her legs are spread and strapped wide, so movement is a near impossibility. Even her hanging angles are chained down. In her vulnerable position, […]

Ashley Lane – Crash Test Slave Jean …

Release Year: 2017 Video language: English Strong Bdsm with one of the sexiest painsluts’ around. Her large tit meat gets full service torment, her round ass and pretty little cum pocket are abused and punished by the sadistic characters Format: mp4 Duration: 1:18:32 Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6907kbps Audio: 156kbps File size: 4.0 GB Customers […]

Deviant Latinas (2017) – latinas, women La Lima !

Video language: English The hottest Latin women submitting to the darker side of porn as only Deviant Entertainment can deliver. They have a burning sex drive and will ignite your lust the second you set eyes on their gorgeous curves. Join us as they are brought to the brink of sexual destruction in this ‘balls […]

D-Cup Discipline Vol. 7 (lingerie, camera, one) Nickerson !

Studio: Jayedwards We open with three scenes of Kylie, a brand new beauty in Jays stable. Kylie is tanned and trim, with a knockout bustline…and as Jay carries her in over his shoulder, we get the idea this plucky blonde is in for one heck of a ride. First, her bondage is turned into a […]

Ive Been Bad – most, star, video Key Largo .

Studio: Jayedwards As we open, sexy Shannon lies across the bed, her hands roaming over her lingerie-clad body. Soon shes masturbating with abandon, completely oblivious to the fact that shes supposed to be getting ready to go out…and that Jay is waiting for her in the next room! Eventually, of course, Jays patience runs out. […]

Phoenix Rising Star Lake .

Release Year: 2014 Video language: English The Phoenix was a mythological bird known for immolating and then rising from the ashes. We’ve got our own Phoenix on hand to day. Her body is certainly hot, she has a great set of tits and an ass that won’t quit. Those smooth, long legs of hers run […]

Duct Fuck Doll Claire Latvia …

Studio: Realtimebondage When asked about her fantasies, Claire confesses a deep desire to be bound so tightly she cant move at all. The members of RealTimeBondage make dreams like that come true. You see, PD has enough shit in his party kit to turn her into a circus-freak-fuck-doll like no one has seen before. A […]

Maddy O’Reilly, Abigail Dupree, London River, OT Sergeant Miles, Nora Riley: Hacker Capture Su (car, little, star) Soka .

Release Year: 2017 Studio: Infernalrestraints Cast: Maddy O’Reilly, Abigail Dupree, London River, OT Sergeant Miles, Nora Riley Genres: Ass Caning, Ass Flogging, Ass Hook, Ass Whipping, Breast Caning, Video language: English Maddy O’Reilly is a hacker, and she’s a good one too. She’s been working for years pulling images and information from secret government organizations,foreign […]

Hacker Capture Suffer Cry Linkuva .

Release Year: 2017 Video language: English Wherever it is that she ends up, it’s dark. She has no idea what’s happening, all that she knows is she’s terrified and being made into a tiny cage next to a girl who looks like she’s been in there for a long time. Maddy is made to take […]

Tight! Tighter!! Tightest!!! (long, scene, work, sexy) Tekonsha .

Studio: Harmonyconcepts Jack Banners newest three-part video is here. Tight stars stunner Cory Lane as a credit card abuser who needs a lesson. Shes been buying too much lingerie on Jacks card, so he tightly ropes her four times to correct her errant ways…and of course shes wearing the new lingerie as she squirms and […]